Q : When did it all began ?

 A: On a lighter note it all started with the landslide victory for feminism…In fact the beginning was back in 2002, in Sofia, with the launch of the White, Male , Straight Project. Male Rites of Passage was the 2004 follow-up {see video archive for details}, and when you come to think of it, an alternative to the Women’s Day celebrations, traditionally held in early March in post Soviet bloc countries and elsewhere. Further, Dimitar Kamburov’s text {(In)Visible Masculinities } marked 2006 developments, and now in 2008…ALL ABOUT HIM reaches out to men in their prime – fascinating men with character who exude confidence and inner strength.

In a nutshell ALL ABOUT HIM is a real men browser…Are you still with us?


Q : How come you decided to go for this project in the first place?

 A : W-e-e-e-e-ll, no harm meant. What difference can a project or two make for true friends...if you’d really want to know…it’s true then, that we decided to back up men in their uniquely disadvantaged position today. Experts would tell you that Women’s Day celebrations {March 8 th} confuse and upset men…how much unfair can this be?

Don’t get this wrong: we don’t ask for anyone’s sympathy here, least women’s. No pity and no regrets: we choose to feel good about the way we are.


Q : Oh no, don’t tell me it’s Ventsi Zankov again ?

A : Oh yes, it’s him…


Q : Who do you think you reach out to ?

 A : ‘A good question’: Be our guest...it’s ALL about him, indeed: it’s about 25 year-olds and about ‘senior citizens’, coming from ALL walks of life…

…it’s ALL about artists, ‘intellectuals’ and college dropouts, ‘nailers’ and ‘green hands’, ‘movers and shakers’ you name them…

…and why not have the war-waging feminists onboard… at the end of the day…


Q : Why 10 billboards ?

 A : Frankly,at one point we were very close to 11? And when you come to think of it 12 is another good vibration, not to mention the truly dramatic ‘doomsday’ quality of 13…we chose the orthodox approach in the end. With us, well-rounded figures are as much appreciated as the ‘roundness’ of anything else…


Q : How about contest awards?

 A : It takes two to tango…You will have to e-mail us a thing or two first, then we will have to figure out if you and us can dance together. To brief the practically minded: the Grad July Award equals the minimum monthly wage levels in EC (averaging 1000 EUR). On top of it all, the award is named after Ventsi Zankov, project curator…heartfelt congratulations to prospective award winners.


Q : And this project includes…?

A : Hm, this questionmay end up with a lengthy answer…in fact this project started on March 8 th, and will be up and running through September. It’s all inclusive: the project start featured a website launch and an online quiz on men. The billboard vision contest will open in mid March and will be active for a month. Online voting and selection of visions for the open-air exhibition and a catalogue will follow. The exhibition will open on June 2 nd , with a parallel award-wining ceremony to announce both: the contest award-winners and the top ten campaign selection. The billboard campaign will roll out in September…WOW…


Q : À-À-Í Deadlines ?

 A : À- a - h, the deadline talk, now ? This one is easy: chances are that you may miss out on having the time of your life unless you send electronically your proposals {up to three proposals per applicant will be considered} by April 15, 2008.


Q : Why should I take part?

 A : Over to you now.Don’t forget that fortune favours the brave. Good luck to you all. Stay tuned.

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